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Okay, so AWA was amazing. There seemed to be a lot of problems (lost phones, stolen purses, bad security, etc.) but it is hard to stay down when you are surrounded by magic and friends. Speaking of friends i got a lot of quality time in with a new friend, Erin. She has a lot of the same interests as me so it made for a really fun and comfortable weekend. Every few minutes we were whipping out our cameras for pictures and videos. I was so excited to be with another media obsessive otaku :-P

On the cosplay side of the coin i got more people recognizing my Captain Boomerang than i thought. There was even one girl who was wearing a blue lantern shirt and knew the oath by heart (which stole mine a little) I honestly didn't think many people would know who i was (and 90% didn't) so it was fine. I got to hang out a little with Alix which made me incredibly happy since i never get to talk to her (didn't have net) and i met 2 of the BEST cosplays from Avatar" the last airbender i have ever seen. The Boulder and Toph with a melon xD i stayed alter than iw anted to at the con to make sure Erin didn;t have to walk back to the room Atlanta. I would have worried sick.

For Discord though i got more pictures than i ever have but there were 6 Discords at the con and at least half were better than me. One girl even had this wicked cloud prop that lit up and had chocolate raindrops hanging from it. I wound up going back to the room earlier than i ever have on a saturday because my feet were still aching from the captain boomerang boots the day before and she kinda put me to shame anyways. Before we split for hte night though me and Erin had a fun tiem watching breakdancing cosplayers, a late-night lightsaber battle between a group of jedi and sith, and enjoy some terrible karaoke that led to Erin (dressed as Gaz from invader zim) doing hte wobble.

Team Rocket returned and the magikarp was being hugged left and right. Sunday wound up being one panel and a bunch of friend time (which i actually enjoy more than most convention stuff) that lead to hilarious videos. Ask an Anime Character was hilarious but Ash made a good point that they were trying too hard to match what they were saying to the videos. I got to hang out with shelby fo realz and erin got to meet my spirit animal. towards the end of the con we found Jessica and Lili resting their aching feet which lead to possibly my favorite part of the convention, just sitting and talking to 3 people i never get to see.


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